Peace Love and Chaos In My Art Studio

Very nice 😉


Oh my gosh y’all! I have the biggest mess of all time! Seriously, you would think I just moved in! I started reclaiming the chi to my art studio yesterday afternoon really late and stopped at 5pm to practice Astanga yoga and after that I reheated the soup and homemade bread and made salads and then I did dishes and hot air popped corn to eat while watching tv later after drawing another coloring book page at the kitchen island since my studio was left is total chaos! Absolute disarray!! But so alive with possibilities and potential. Already I think it looks like I have a ton more room! I’m digging parts of it. I like where I have the sofa not too sure about the computer table though. I do like the new table that Mac now resides on giving me a larger space for sewing using the other…

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