I am a USB connection… lol

The sound that tells you that a usb has been plugged in occurs when I put the laptop on my lap.. and when I put it on the bed, the noise that tells you that the usb has been removed occurs. So? That makes me a human usb port. lol

I am getting a better computer on the 4th, so… it will be a late birthday present to myself, as my birthday is Saturday.. and either Monday or Tuesday I will get some money to buy it. My dear sister Coll will pick it up. 🙂

I’m going to go on twitter now on my vita. And, sometime in the fall before Pokemon Sun & Moon come out, I am going to get a 3DS.

Sam, your redheaded windbag.

Camp and a funny video…

First, camp. I went to Dorset to camp with my sister and some friends. I met what woulhd be a bosom buddy named May. ❤ I had an ok time with my sister, despite me having my period. On the second last day at camp Coll and I went swimming in the indoor pool.

And the funny vid. This will have you in stitches.

Oh f*ck…

I suppose all of you think I’ve abandoned this and you my wonderful subbies… It’s just that WP was dicking around with me and the stupid password situation. I really am sorry for not posting. I will post here most often. I have an LJ if you are on there and you can add me there as well as here.

Cripes there is a lot happening in my life. On Sunday we are going up north to Camp Dorset. I am nervous bc I will be leaving my comfort zone. I hate this. I want to have fun but my agoraphobia is getting in the way of this.

July 2nd is my birthday. I want to order Little Caesar’s deep deep dish pizza for my sister and I. I also am getting either the original 3DS, or the newer one sometime this summer. Maybe not in July, but maybe September which is marginally close to the Pokemon Sun/Moon is coming out in November. 🙂 The reason for not in July, is that I am getting a new computer from Tek Support.

Anyways, it’s nearly 1 in the morning. I should get some sleep.