I took Grandma to the hospital today..

We are doing it m again tomorrow bc she needs to take her meds for her legs via IV drip. It doesn’t take long for the IV but we waited for a long time in the Yellow Zone. But what took their sweet time was the bloody taxi on the way home.

I love this song. It’s empowering. Anyways it’s nearly 10pm here. Β I have to catch some shuteye.

Sam your redheaded tomboy.

Glorious Break


Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Dad's 100th Birthday

I often have a feeling that the topic generator is psychic, mystical, some sort of a link to my writing. Today I got a glorious break, after a week away from the computer, prompts, writing and everything. I was offline spending a week in London to celebrate with my dad his 100th birthday and here is one of the photos. Dad and me in his apartment with balloon and enjoying the day.

He lives in an extra care home, has his own four walls with kitchen bathroom, bedroom and living room and is so well looked after that I can relax. I live in Switzerland, he lives in England. Our normal contact is by phone and once a year when I visit him, usually around 24th September when it is his birthday.

This year was a special birthday, he was 100 years old. He can no longer walk so well…

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I have pix galore to show you…

Well, that will have to wait until I have my morning coffee which I am doing as I write this. Dark roast, with milk and a bit of sugar. I have a new lovely. His name id Shadab Rogers. Yay! πŸ˜€

I am going to download Kim Mitchell’s patio lanterns. It’s a good song. I have a cup of coffee and I’m going to a church luncheon with Coll and Aunt Catherine. Life is good. Maybe we will see my sister there. I have two adopted sisters πŸ˜€ One is Coll and the other is Jamie. ❀ And we will probably see Matt there Β too. πŸ™‚ That guy is a fan of good coffee. LOL

Life is good.


Love this song…

Taylor Swift is amazing. I am totally loving this song, ❀ OMG. This motorcycle just went roaring by when there is CLEARLY a sign telling motorists to go slow bc of children. D:

I am going to wait for my sister to return from church. We are adopted sisters, bc I am a Jew and she is Roman Catholic. Despite the religious difference, we still act like bffs and sisters from another mister. We actually met in college in 1997. We adopted each other after that. I ❀ her.

I was nominated for an award. XD

Fear the Walking Dead is coming on tonight!!! Zombies! XD


We found a guy that is selling his vita… *does happy dance*

My sister is going to get it. ❀ The dude is saving it for us! πŸ˜€ And, and, and he is in Newmarket too! ^_^ I am so happy! I am not pawning off this vita bc of a certain person that is killing for cash. No fucking way.

My grandmother is relaxing on my bed. ^_^ I want to watch AMC’s Fearfest. I want to see Christine. I have read the book (and loved it) … I hope they play IT… even though I hate clowns. 😐

I’m watching Wheel of Fortune with my sister. It’s fun to play along. I love to play Jeopardy. πŸ™‚


I did ridiculously bad at bowling this morning…

Fucking 78. I KNOW that I can do better… ehh..

My throat is healing nicely and my ankle is doing well. I walk on it and take tylenol in the morning and at night. Thank God for healing my throat and my ankle. ❀

I think I will just futz around the internets today. Go on Tumblr and maybe LJ if I feel up to it. πŸ™‚

Sam your redheaded bowler

I did it.

This morning I didn’t put on my tensor bandage. It still needs the tylenol but on a good side my ankle is healing nicely. πŸ™‚ I made a Tumblr accoumt — it’s right here. I don’t like this new version of WP, you can’t find stuff like the way you could in the older version. Does any one know how to return to the old WP???

I am wearing camo Daisy Dukes and frankly idgaf.


WP is getting too complicating…

I am trying to get to the old WP to add my blogroll… I need to see what is happening with a few of my subs, but WP isn’t letting me. 😐 I forgot to ask the sz team about Dr. B. And the strange thing was he was there today! Dang it all!!! I hate short term memory loss. It bites. 😦

I am really tired, I had a cat nap and I STILL feel tired. 😐 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sucks too.