For once I actually liked the coleslaw…

I had a church dinner tonight. Right now I’m watching the first Jurassic Park and waiting for the Walking Dead. I had shepards pie tonight, with icecream and cookies for dessert.

I’m on my period. I am so bloated and my uterus hurts like hell… either that or my ovaries… one of them hurt. Hopefully I can get relief from some ibuprofen.


Meet Dawn Butler

I’ve got the game going so I can give you her stats. Here she be.

snapshot c3da2f69 03da2f6ds

She is an alien! 😀 I have several different eyes, and I still need to get defaults for the townie eyes. I got the alien eyes here. And the default eyes  here.. and one set of eyes here and then here. I still need to get hair cc.. But I like this hair even though it is Maxis made .

Now I have my own little legacy going on. There is just one rule that I impose on my sims… this time, it’s her alien eyes. The heir must have the alien eyes…. so she will be having a lot of babies lol.

She is an Aries, and she loves her men in spiffy threads,  and she wants them to be comfy in their tightie whities.:) She doesn’t like stink.

snapshot c3da2f69 03da2fdd

Strutting her stuff.

snapshot c3da2f69 23da2fea





My sister is watching Labyrinth.

And I’m on another laptop. I’m going to get a Vaio very soon. At the end of this month.actually. 😀

I drank sooooo much tomato juice tonight. I love it, my brother is bringing some tomato juice for me! ❤

Anyways, I am just going to relax and drink my ice cold water. 😀