To All of my American subbies I bid you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Yepp. We Canadians have ours in October. πŸ™‚ Don’t over stuff yourself. I do that every holiday — Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc etc. The reason for Christmas (ya got to remember I’m Jewish) is bc our home is predominately Christian)

I am so hungry … I feel like ordering out but I have no money honey. LOL Ah well. I will just wait til morning comes.


I’m just singing along with Katy…

Singing is one way I relax. She has a alto voice and I have a soprano voice so you can probably guess how that sounds… I need to relax — I feel used. Leonie was crying about a bad day and I tried to console her but she bit my head off “Leave me alone” and “It doesn’t matter”

That’s it. I have had it with her. She is on my blacklist of would be friends. F*cking b*tch.

I need to relax now. I feel like sh*t.


I have been on Dreamwidth for a bit…

I met a friend on there. She is really nice. Anyways, I went to the luncheon today — meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, and peas and carrots. Noms…

I just had some peppermint tea. It was very nice. πŸ˜€ Coll went to see Donnie. I am here listening to some yappy dogs. I hate shih tzus. They are annoying and they are little f*cks yapping non stop.

I am going to have a siesta very soon.



Coll left to go to the supper with Donnie…

Anyways, Happy Caturday / Saturdog.

More Cute Cats here

LOL I guess after snack I’ll get some napping time in. We are having a spaghetti supper tonight. I need to get more water… I’m parched. After the hols I’m going to buy a 2DS. I can play the actual physical games OR download them… I think I will download them. πŸ™‚ I want X & Y the most. ORAS comes next. I am getting 2 PSN cards for Hanukkah. πŸ™‚ I’m going to get Doki Doki Universe. I have the demo but I want the full game — only $15 so that is good and all these little add ons too.


I think I’ll make this blog awards free.

Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving stuff like that… but I want this blog awards free. I ❀ y’all for nominating me for such awards but I think this blog is fantastic w/o the awards.

I had fish & chips for supper. Noms.

I’m worried about my sister, they are calling for winter weather (Thanks Butch for sending some our way XD.) And she doesn’t have boots on, just sneakers. 😦 I hope she is ok w/ Donnie walking back.

Shar says that the reason our internet connection keeps winking off all the bloody time is that we have too much stuff on the powerbar. So, both Coll & I have our lappies (She has a Toshiba and I have a Vaio.) on our beds. I hope the stupid powerbar is ok and doesn’t do that crap again.

I am getting tired so, I will take a catnap til Coll comes home.

Sam, your freckly friend (I have them in the winter too. :P)

Yay! :D

Guess what pplz of the internets! I have a new buddy. Her name is Jen… *waves* Welcome to the dark side … we have…. cookies, no cake. LOL

So, Colly’s birthday is tomorrow. I really ❀ my baby sister. She will be 37. πŸ™‚ My other sister Jamie has a bday in July. πŸ˜€

I am getting tired…. so.. I’ll play the Sims2 later.



It seems as if Butch was right. Dang I hope that storm hits Newmarket! We have moderately strong winds as of right now… so I wonder what’s next for us? Hopefully snow and not rain for pete’s sake. We are in a snowbelt so anything that comes here turns to snow!

Dark clouds are forming right now so… fingers crossed… snow plz.

Tonight we are having roast chicken, rice and some type of veggie. Noms.