Afternoon ppl…

I’m going to write a blog entry, and then, perhaps a nap? Yeah.. sounds good.  We  have our AC cranked today… it’s too hot to do anything really. It’s 31 bloody degrees out and factor in the humidity… shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. :/

LOL We Canadians like to b*tch about the weather…

I still can’t believe our ward’s counselor is my neighbor!

Ok, that was random. 😛

On Thursday IF I get my monies that I am waiting for that will be perfect.. why? Because I’m buying my sister’s bf’s lappy. So I am happy. 🙂 It’s a Gateway. 😀 Donnie wanted a Dell, and Amir is keeping it until Donnie  gets the $200 from moi. So.. everything is going peachy. 🙂


These Wonderful New Nendoroids Were Unveiled At Wonder Festival 2015

N!! Link!! XD My Nintendo News Four additional Nendoroids figures have been unveiled by the Good Smile Company at this year’s Summer Wonder Festival 2015. The toy and figurine event is currently taking place in Chiba, Japan. Attendees were granted a look at Mega Man, Kirby, Pokemon Trainer N, Marth and a Zelda Majora’s Mask version of Young Link. The figures aren’t […]

I’m listening to Queen…

The song is “I want to break free”. It is my favorite song by them. I also love David Bowie and Queen’s song “Under Pressure”. That song is epic.

I am taking intervals with the computer and resting my head bc I’m getting a headache… Earlier on, we had bowling. I got 88… which is not very good coming from me. I usually get 100+ But… I got a strike and about 3 spares… so that is ok. It’s going to rain tomorrow, and that is just fine w/ me.

Something random: One of my socks has a hole. I need to buy socks.


Listening to Miss Taylor…

I call Taylor Swift Miss Taylor. Why? Bc she is an awesome person and singer.

So about that Hoopa… I deleted my digital copy of X yesterday bc my two gig SD card that came with the 3DS can only  hold one game and it’s stupid f*cking blocks I need to free. Screw that. I need at least an 8 gig card… I want Animal Crossing also.

But Hoopa is one awesome pokemon. I really love that crafty smile and her eyes are evil.. I love her. I call her a girl bc she reminds me of a jinn or a female genie. ❤

I think I will check the GTS in Alpha Sapphire. I am trying to snag me another one. 🙂

Sam your redheaded hoopa lover 😛

Drinking coffee and feelin’ fine…

I got my hair fixed by Tena but I think I look like a poodle. Here is my pic.

It’s supposed to be a pixie cut…  my friend Laura is a new helper in Tina’s salon.

I might sim, as my CFS is currently not bothering me. I am thinking of doing an ugly family, after I do this alphabetacy that I’m doing right now… I’m on the letter A — a baby boy named Alexander. I will upload pix soon. Plus, my sim’s LTW is to have 6 grandchildren so.. my founder of this legacy will bear more babies. As soon as Alexander toddlerizes then, I will get my sim pregnant again. I’m a bad simgoddess, I forgot my sims name. o_o I might have to do it in window mode so I can keep track of things.

Sam your friendly simgoddess. 😛