Meet Sam

That would be me… that crazy redheaded Samantha Josephine. Y’all can call me Sam if you prefer. I answer to both as well as Gh0stpupp3t. That is a more recent selfie of me. I had longer hair in the previous About me.

What can I say about myself? Well.. my natural hair color is a dark auburn. So, I brighten it up with a lighter red. I believe I am AB+ blood type. I like cute things despite my propensity for the darker gothic self image that I project. I don’t take sh*t from anyone nor do I give up when things get tough.

I live in a smallish northern town called Newmarket. It is about a 2 hour drive/bus ride to Toronto. I moved here about 11 years ago. I prefer the quietness of my town.

I am a Cancer (my birthday was yesterday — July 2. πŸ™‚ But I don’t act like a Cancer. I have my ascendant and moon sign as Sagittarius.. I definitely am like a Sag. πŸ™‚

The stuff I write on my WP, is 50% rants and 50% random thoughts. Both my mom and sisters and brothers are VIPs in my life, so I write about this. My mom’s name is Jamie, my two sisters are Colleen (younger) and Toni (older), and my brothers Alex Β (younger) and Juston (again, younger).

I play the Sims2 a lot. I have a personal vendetta with the Sims3 and the Sims4 is too hard for my 42 yr old brain to handle. I have a vita (sagittariusbunny) and after I get my custom cane from Juston’s dad, I will get a 3DS XL. I als adore pokemon.

That’s it for now.


25 thoughts on “Meet Sam

  1. Nice meeting you Sam ! Hey, I can see my face now in the little square, it seems it only appears in my blog for sure but in others I they just stole it and have put me a creepy blue box when I tried to update it.


  2. Sam I noticed you entered the attic and just wanted to give you a proper welcome. I hope to keep the laughs coming, and hope you have lots of fun. Now I’m going to look around your blog. Happy Sunday to you, and thanks for looking in on my blog. :O)


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