Hi I’m ohellino

Funny poem


“Hi” I said “I’m ohellino”
They walked by and gave me a look of disgust
“Hi” I said “I’m ohellino”
“So what?” a guy said as he walked by
“So do you want to see me write a poem, sing a song or paint a painting?”
“That all you do?” he said stopping
“What do you mean?  That’s a fair bit”
“Can you dance or act?”
“No that takes too much power”
“How much power do you have?”
“Want to hear a song about death?”
“No” he said and walked off
“Well I’ll play one” I said to nobody

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One thought on “Hi I’m ohellino

  1. My mind is working
    My soul screams out
    This body is full of pain
    Everyone looks down
    As they walk by, yet
    Which of us is sane

    a heart of flesh
    that pumps my blood
    fingers that type
    out this hi

    it seem no one
    can see me
    and they will not
    tell me why


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