This is straight up awesome.

I caught a female Pikachu and named her Pikaboo for a Umbreon trade. Simple right?Β  What I got for Pikaboo floored me. I received a SHINY umbreon w/ the pokerus! I am happier than a pig in mud! πŸ˜€ To whomever did that, you are f*cking awesome!! Thank you very much. ❀ Mi amore!!


Well.. here I be…

Tomorrow both Coll & I have dentist appts. She needs a chipped tooth fixed and I just need a cleaning. I’m still waiting for my new glasses…. which is both Transitions and bifocals. Getting to that age I guess… I don’t feel like an old fogey but I find that I need to take off my current glasses when I see something up close bc the glasses I have now makes everything close up blurry.

I am going to watch Bates Motel at 9. It is really getting interesting with Norma suffering the sass of Norman. I am on Norman’s side. I want to see what happens in this ep bc Norman tells the shrink something about his damn mother …




Yes! I finally got Photoshop! :-D

I took a screenshot of my desktop. Now I can create shit. πŸ™‚ Tonight, my sister isn’t here…she went to her family for the Easter hols, which means if I can get the stupid SD card to work, then I can do a vlog. No promises though bc I might have to go in safe mode to get the card to work.

We are having hot hamburgers tonight and then yummy ham for dinner tomorrow. πŸ™‚


Listening to U2

Sunday Bloody Sunday. I need to get an older version of iTunes. The new one is pretty sh*tty. I want to convert my mp3s to AAC (or whatevs) files so that I can put them on my 2DS. That’s another strike against Nintendo. Whereas the 2DS needs AAC format, the vita just imports the songs wirelessly. Y’know?Β  πŸ™‚

But the 2DS is ok too. I can shoot b&w pix and videos. And it plays my pokemon games, so I am happy with these handhelds. It seems that the new Ninty console is not the same as the 2DS/3DS (xl)… it is like… the ‘Cube… or if you want to compare them, just like the Wii U. I hope it doesn’t have the same fate as the Wii U.

I ate like a pig tonight, lasagna, two helpings of Caesar salad, 2 buns, 2 deviled eggs, a slice of honeydew melon, and two soft cookies with 3 juice boxes. My sister says that I have a cast iron stomach. lol


Spaghetti dinner tonight…

I’m going to a community spaghetti dinner tonight. πŸ™‚ I hope that there is Caesar salad and garlic toast to go along with. I effing love spaghetti. All Italian food really, except for eggplant parm. Blech.

I opened my window a crack to let fresh air in our bedroom bc it stunk a little. :-p

I have to find out why my computer is not uploading pictures from my SD card. I am going to google it after this. πŸ™‚ I have quite a few and I am going to take some pix at the dinner. πŸ™‚

I might have to go to the library and upload them there. I will probably go sometime Tuesday as I believe they are closed Mondays.

I can’t wait til I get my vita. Better camera, works with the content manager to upload/download pix and all that jazz. That way, I can take better pix and show them to y’all.


Spring is lovely but must we put up with those stupid birds?

I’m talking about Canadian geese. Every year they come and claims Newmarket as their own toilet. Bird poop everywhere in Fairy Lake. For some reason the word ‘poop’ makes me giggle.

Tomorrow is a spaghetti dinner held at the community centre. Both Coll and I are going. I hope that Jams is going along with Justin. It would be good to have two sisters with me. πŸ™‚ I love pasta. It is very much comfort food to me. Some people like mashed potatoes but for me it is anything Italian (except eggplant parm. Gross!)

Right now I am listening to a song that has gone viral. Psy’s Gangnam Style. I have Korean dance music somewhere in the armoire. I love it.



OMG. It’s almost 4pm!

I got 118 in bowling today. πŸ™‚ That is around what I usually bowl. I slept a good portion of the afternoon away. I needed that.I was up most of the night consoling my sister. Leonie got under her skin. She pisses me off too. Little Miss Goody two shoes.

But that was in the past. Today is a whole different day.