Stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey…

I had a lot for lunch, I had like 3 buns, ham, scalloped potatoes,mixed veggies, and a lemon meringue pie slice, and just now a vanilla cookie and then for dinner we are having some sort of casserole… So… I’m stuffed. Plus my sister is bringing munchies home from Max Milk.

In pokemon news, I gave  Alex my 3DS and Pokemon Y. The reason behind this, he was enjoying so, I gave him the console. In a few months, I will  buy a 2DS… actually 2 2dses. One for me, the other for my sister should she wants it. Then I’m going to download  X&Y plus Alpha Sapphire. I like downloading my games because it’s easier than going to Gamestop or Microplay for the physical game itself.

Does anyone remember  the ridiculous prices for Pokemon games in the past? Like $70 for Emerald? I do. I will not pay 70 f*cking dollars for Emerald (plot twist *shoves foot in mouth* I bought Emerald for that amount.) So… in the next few months I am buying game cards so that I can download my wanted games. 🙂

I need more water…. ok. Got some.:)


I Think We Should Attack The Moon

Attack the moon? LOL


He sat on a huge throne
Before a computer
And sighed
The last princess
Had gone from the Kingdom
And drown
And died
“It is only a game” his adviser told him
“Shut up” the king said “do you think this throne is real?”
“Well the throne is real.  You went and bought it”
“Well I am king.  King of all of earth.  And you for one should respect me”
The adviser stepped back
The jester came forward
“Well I for one know you are king” the jester said
“Well at least that’s one of you” the king said
“I think we should attack the moon before the moon gets too strong and attacks us” the jester said
“Very wise words” the king said and drank some ale
“I think” the king began “that we should – after the moon – attack Mars.  I heard the aliens there do the…

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With nothing in his heart
And nothing in his head
He built his temple out of souls
Only some of them were dead
With nothing in his sermon
And no feeling in his voice
He filled his church with vermin
And people that had no choice
With nothing in his books
And nothing in his suggestions
People stopped asking
And he would just forgive them
With nothing in his heart
And nothing in his head
He built his temple out of souls
Only some of them were dead

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I’m just drinking water…

I have Windows narrator activated. It’s pretty good. It helps me with the text on some people’s WordPress, bc some of the text is very sme all or light in color. I am getting sleepy again. I have been periodically been sleeping through out the day. My show is on tomorrow. Yepp! The Walking Dead.

In pokemon news, I’ve been playing between Omega Ruby and Y. I hardly touch Platinum or White 2. I named my Shroomish Pizza bc I like mushrooms on my pizza and Shroomish is a mushroom. I really should play Platinum… I want to change Barry’s name with Spazzmoid or just Spaz, my sister would say that he has nerves of tin foil. LOL

I think I will do that now while digesting my dinner. (spaghetti)


Come On Thought



Come on thought
I shake the brain
Nothing comes out just clicking
Just clicking?  I wasn’t born for nothing you stupid brain
I begin punching it at the same time as shaking it
There you go
There you go I sing
You’re hurting me I say to myself
It goes back to clicking
And I stop shaking and punching it
A little poem dribbles out
And it is quiet for a decade

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Windows 10

I installed Win10 a few weeks ago, and recently it started f*cking with our internet connection, constantly saying there is no servers, ours was there but half the time it wouldn’t work — like the connection dropped.. y’know? So, I asked my sister if that only started with Win10 and she said yes, so I did the rollback and ta-da! No more problems. 😀 So if y’all instal Win10 beware.  😀

I am happy with Win7.That’s Coll’s lucky number anyways.

In other computer news, I’m getting my Mac sooner than I thought! Id  am buying a mac bc Windows has a sh*t ton of errors, and the mac doesn’t thank the Lord.

Sam the crazy cat lady LOL

Peace Love and Chaos In My Art Studio

Very nice 😉


Oh my gosh y’all! I have the biggest mess of all time! Seriously, you would think I just moved in! I started reclaiming the chi to my art studio yesterday afternoon really late and stopped at 5pm to practice Astanga yoga and after that I reheated the soup and homemade bread and made salads and then I did dishes and hot air popped corn to eat while watching tv later after drawing another coloring book page at the kitchen island since my studio was left is total chaos! Absolute disarray!! But so alive with possibilities and potential. Already I think it looks like I have a ton more room! I’m digging parts of it. I like where I have the sofa not too sure about the computer table though. I do like the new table that Mac now resides on giving me a larger space for sewing using the other…

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Hi I’m ohellino

Funny poem


“Hi” I said “I’m ohellino”
They walked by and gave me a look of disgust
“Hi” I said “I’m ohellino”
“So what?” a guy said as he walked by
“So do you want to see me write a poem, sing a song or paint a painting?”
“That all you do?” he said stopping
“What do you mean?  That’s a fair bit”
“Can you dance or act?”
“No that takes too much power”
“How much power do you have?”
“Want to hear a song about death?”
“No” he said and walked off
“Well I’ll play one” I said to nobody

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