Ok, so maybe that second coffee was not a good choice…

‘Cos now I’m awake. I might stay up til midnight just to hear drunk people and ppl tooting their car horns or through other means celebration. LOL

I wonder what would happen if a pregnant lady gave birth to twins, one born in December and the other in January. What is that? I am interested in this matter.

I might watch Superbad on Coll’s laptop later. That movie is the best. Another good movie is Forrest Gump. I like when they are scrubbing the floor with toothbrushes and Bubba is going on about shrimp this and shrimp that. I always giggle at that part. It’s too funny. πŸ˜€ Don’t get me wrong, I loooooove shrimp but that scene… XD

So… what’s new this NYE? What are your plans? Gonna stay in the house and get sloshed or maybe a bar to get sloshed? I am having chips and pop at 7. That’s what I’m doing. πŸ˜€ I want water. BRB *gets water* Add a squirt or two of the water enhancer and badabing.





Have some twins…

I promise you, they aren’t fugly, but there is one hitch… I don’t think either kid has the elf ears. Sh*t… anyways, I have an heir in mind. Abel. He is just the bees knees. Alexandra, his twin will reside in the sim bin as soon as she hits her teens. Or maybe I will send her to college. IDK. Abel is going to be calling the gypsy match maker. He needs a wife to carry on the family name. And if I get one elder for him, I will rage quit the sims for the day. No one needs old bones at his age. Anyways, they are still toddlers.

It was snowing, I don’t know if it is now.. I hope to God that Star Wars is still playing next week.. Bowling starts up again next week along with th movies. I know Coll wants to see the Chipmunk’s movie, so if it is still there next week and Star Wars is not playing, we will see it.

On with the terminal cuteness that is the Frost twins. πŸ™‚

snapshot c38c06ba e391737f

Here is Alexandra.


snapshot c38c06ba 839173dc

And here is the heir! Abel Frost. What a cutie patootie he is. ❀

I am a little biased here when it comes to heirs/heiresses. I love Abel, and I know Sadie does too. πŸ˜€


Well, I’ll play later. πŸ™‚




Meet the Frost twins…

Yes, I said twins. Listen, ok? I don’t have the multiples hack. My game just likes to give my sims twins. This time, I got fraternal twins but they could easily be identical bc they both have blond hair and alien eyes. If they both have the same elf ears we might have a tight race to see who is the heir and who is the spare. Now… pictures…

snapshot c38c06ba 43903b1d

When we last saw Miss Frost, she was pregnant but I made short work by using the TOLAD.


snapshot c38c06ba 83903dad

Here is a rare shot of both twins sleeping…


snapshot c38c06ba 039043ca

Here is Sadie bawling for some reason lol


snapshot c38c06ba 2390453b

Here is Abel, and yepp, I’m attempting the alphabetacy challenge with my rules. The heir/heiress, must have the elf ears. I chose that bc both children have her eyes. If it turns out that both of them have the ears, I will put out a poll for y’all and I want to hear what you think.


snapshot c38c06ba 2390461e

Here is baby Alexandra. I had a tough time remembering who was who when they were babies. lol


snapshot c38c06ba 039049c1

See what I mean about them being identical. Maybe tomorrow I will post the twins in their day clothes. πŸ™‚

Slightly annoyed by the game giving me twins, but idgaf.




Still feeling icky…

I have had this cold/bronchitis for about a week or more, and to tell the truth, it is kicking my arse. I still feel rundown, phlegmy cough, sneezing, you name it, I probably have it. :/

I slept most of the day away. I need coffee. *goes and gets coffee* Ahh much better. πŸ™‚ I’m drinking it black with 2 teaspoons of sugar. I am almost having it my sister’s way lol. (black no milk/sugar) The reason I’m drinking it with out milk is bc milk makes my body produce more phlegm.

I hope I’m not getting my period. I don’t need that on top of what I have already. But knowing my body I will be having it soon. :/

On the computer front, I am not getting a mac. I’m getting a Toshiba with Vista on it. The reason why this computer, is bc my Sims2 game BS (Not bull sh*t, Body shop) seemed to work well with Vista. And frankly, Vista is a good OS. Win10 can sit on it and spin. LOL

I want pizza.


So… I’m not getting a mac.. I’m getting a Toshiba.

Coll and I found yet another ‘bargoon’ as Colly says. πŸ˜€ I am buying a Toshiba Satillite… I need to buy a mouse and a webcam since I’m using Coll’s peripherals. Epic! πŸ˜› LOL

Colly went out to meet her beau Joe for the first time. I would have gone with her but my bronchitis still lingers. It’s becoming a pain in the arse.

I talked with my brother Doug last night, about our mother and my siblings. It was a good talk. Doug thinks mama’s mind is going. I have to agree. 😦 I just hope that it is normal dementia and not Alzheimers. 😦

To get back to my new (well to me it’s new) computer. I am so bloody happy that it has Vista bc it says right on Sims2 box ‘Made for XP and Vista’. Now I can make some simmies for ya and I can get lots more CC like hair and maybe some camera hacks bc I take bad screenshots LOL.

But I will still sim on my sister’s compy bc that’s where Sadie is. Sadie is my experimental sim, she has elf ears and alien eyes. Sweet! I boolpropped her with Meadow Thayer so… I was going to go with Darren Dreamer but I was too excited about the baby (although my game usually spits out twins… and no, I don’t have the multiples hack.) I am so easily amused. πŸ™‚ Was going to make another Skip Broke just to freak Brandi out. XD



I hope Amir has a macbook for me. I had one b4 but it went kaput. Ehh… Amir is going to put Snow Leopard on it instead of Lion. Which is what I had on the other laptop.

I think my poor sister has my cough. Hers is dry while mine is extremely phlegmy. Wunderbar. I need to lose the f*cking bronchitis. 😦 I can’t drink milk … y’know bc of the phlegm?

My chest is very congested. 😦


Sh*t on toast…

I knew it. F*cking bronchitis. Every single time that I catch colds they always turn into bronchitis. My lungs hurt like hell. I keep coughing up phlegm and even as I have this, I have a cough which leaves my lungs in pain. 😦

I have just two pictures of my experimental sim. She is really quite lovely, and I plunked her into Pleasantview. At least I think so…?

snapshot c38c06ba c38c06be

Here she is. Now I’m pretty bad with names…. I forget them, so I have the game open now… her name is Sadie Frost. She’s a redhead, and she has alien eyes that I got somewhere…

snapshot c38c06ba a38c06c5

She’s an elf! I am doing a sort of legacy with this lady here. I want her children to either have the ears or the eyes. I plunked her down in a small pre-made home bc, my own building skills are the sh*ts. Holy mackinaw!

So I begin my puffer tomorrow. Thank gods. I hate having bronchitis.


Well… there goes the diet…

Ok, well, I stuffed my face with a sh*t ton of food. Lots of turkey and yams, tomato juice, water.. certain chocolate things, I think that my New Years resolution of eating less isn’t going to happen. I just ate a huge slice of pumpkin pie with whipping cream. Dear Gods… I hope you are all having a good holidays. πŸ™‚

I just reread the last paragraph and I am laughing my arse off.. XD

Shar says that she might cook up a ham for New Years Day. πŸ™‚ This pleases me to no ends bc she knows that I love ham.

I am officially sick and tired of these Xmas songs on the radio. It gets boring after the first 300th time.