An addiction

I am addicted to lollypops. Not really an addiction I guess, it’s more of an obsession. I like any lolly but my favorites are the multi flavored like the one in my pic and Chupa chups. Oh hell. ❀

WIN_20151031_20_11_20_Pro WIN_20151031_20_11_27_Pro

See? LOL



Hallowe’en and maybe a religion change?

Well, it’s that day again. Not only is it Hallowe’en but it’s also my Aunt Catherine’s birthday! πŸ˜€ Ok, about the religion change thing, I told a few of y’all about my mother and my proposal to change religions. I asked my mother if I could become Wiccan, and she freaked out. I’m like wtf? Wicca is a religion too. Maybe I might do it. Mom is in Cali so… what she doesn’t know can’t hurt eh?

At least that’s what I think.


PS: Try not to gorge yourself on candy. πŸ™‚

Interview with Edgar Allan Poe 2015… (a Halloween Guest Post)…

The best author.

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Edgar Allen Poe

With the help of some incredible technology, we have managed to resurrect Edgar Allan Poe. What is more he has kindly agree to do an exclusive interview.

Interviewer: Edgar, you have been credited with so many things, your legacy most notable, did you realize you invented the detective story, equally contributed to the development of both science fiction and the horror genre, it must be quite satisfying being a pioneer.

Edgar Allan Poe: It is true I could never have imagined my work would have had such an impact, especially on this world you have brought me back to.

Interviewer: How would you describe your childhood?

Edgar Allan Poe: It is a well-known fact that my Mother died when I was two, this would affect anybody. My father who had abandoned the family, also died. Orphaned aged three I was brought up by foster parents, they never officially adopted me…

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Time for Ghostpuppet to rise from her grave…

Well, almost time. I realize that my username is very Hallowe’en-y but then, I’m like that too. I wish that Hallowe’en was all year round. This is my username story.

  1. If you have ever seen a picture of me, then you know I have ghostly (or vampire) skin. I don’t like the sun but my pale skin is just my natural skintone. I have red hair and green eyes too… combine the 3 and you have my Irish heritage on my mother’s side. So there is the ‘ghost’ part
  2. I am strangely attracted to puppets or marionettes. They freak me out. So.. there is the ‘puppet’ part.

I’m just your average loony in other words. πŸ˜›


Drinking water and watching Hallowe’en.

Yeah so, I saw this movie like 4 fricking times but even though the Hallowe’en movies are campy they are still good. What I want to see is Christine and maybe a Freddy marathon?

Saturday is Aunt Catherine’s birthday. I’m going to sing to her. I make it a tradition to do for everyone.

I’m getting a head ache so I think I will shut off the tv and relax in bed til I fall asleep.


Speak softly past my heart

Beautiful ❀

HarsH ReaLiTy


Speak softly past my heart. Letting your words fill the holes that I have carried since I met you. I have dreamed of the hand that is your hand since I learned to dream. Wishing upon thoughts of you in hope that they will come true. Daily I strive to forget those that did not compare. Forgotten touches that meant less than the action to touch. I dump my memories to create room for your memory. Boxing each moment and storing them like treasure, I feel myself filling up inside with you. Speak softly so that we do not crack this perfect image. Images of you and me as it was meant to be. Take my hand as we create ourselves. Walking softly past what we know towards what we build each day.



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