Poems and pictures…

It seems to me that WP is turning into an outlet for poems. Now I don’t write much poetry but I like reading other’s poems. And pictures too. It is all good. 😀

It went from blue skies to snow just now. o_o Ah well…o

Tomorrow is the big day! My Pats will crush the ‘Hawks. No doubt about that. Anne Kellington is hosting a Superbowl partayyy lol It should be good.


4 runners in Marly (B&W)

Statues 🙂

The Antimuseum in Paris (and beyond)


In Marly Le Roi, West of Paris one can find the park of the former weekend residence of Louis XIV. There is unfortunately nothing left from the chateau itself. In that park are 4 weird statues named “the four runners of Marly”, which were designed by famous 18th century sculptors amongst whom the Coustou brothers. Those statues are also shown in the Louvre.








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Unleashed !!

Funny stuff. 😀


Mushy cushy that´s a wussy
Too much sentimentality bores my mentality
Always with the sorrows
Makes me sometimes throw one hundred arrows
Sing me a sentimental song
For me that is a big ding dong

King Kong was strong, and loving
but not a constant, yawning or sorrows
with a sentimentality and so idealistically
of fucked up reality, com on, stop with negativity
when you see and grab that reality

Cry me a river once, twice, and even a couple dozen times
Makes me sometimes eat a dozen mines

I understand that mentality
but, prefer to hear it from long distance
because, at the end it will break you,your own mental fence
of last defense, I´m a survivor, but sometimes tired of hearing people’s sniffles

Unleashed got me finally at ease
at 5 a.m now making word peace

slit you
bite you
CREEP you!!


Stay Frosty gents and gentessses.

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Windows 10 I await thee

So, Windows 7 & 8 users get a free update to their systems within the first year. Windows 10 should be good. I have a question for y’all, are you getting it when it’s launched. I just hope it runs on my sister’s computer as hers is older than mine is. :/ I hope so.

In other news, I registered for a LJ. I seem to be a glutton for punishment. My un there is the same as here: gh0stpupp3t.

In pokemon news, I think I need to start White 2 again. Platinum is pretty hard (that exp share is making me lax.) LOL



I was just looking up the New England Patriots (my team g*ddamn it), and I noticed that the Pats absolutely pounded the Colts. By g*d, they are going to win the Superbowl! W00T!!!!! GO PATS BABY!!!!!!

In other news, I am going to buy this in a few months.. Yeah, if they make LOZ: the Minish Cap, I am so getting that. 🙂