Keep Smiling (Daddy) – by Pablo Stanley

True 🙂

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We never know, for sure, what is really going on in someone’s life unless they have told us or we have seen for ourselves…Pablo Stanley

At any point there will always be many people going through un-imaginable suffering, tragedy and loss. They will handle their pain in the best, or only, way that they can and their behavior, mannerisms and speech might, or might not, show their internal anguish.

It is so easy for us to judge or mock others, especially when we do not know them or their life-story.

Please be careful with your words out there. Please be gentle.

Pablo Stanleywas born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, on June 18 1981. He studied elementary and middle school in a catholic school, which led him to become an atheist. Later, he studied High School in the Baja California Bachelor School. He graduated as a Designer from the Xochicalco University…

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This is Spinal Tap… or for want of an interesting title..

I’m sorry if y’all thought I was dead yesterday. I have CFS.  And so, yesterday I had a no energy day… no checking my e-mail or posting on my blogs… it was horrible. I didn’t want to sim either. :/

OK a little bit of weirdness for y’all and yepp a bit of TMI. Yesterday, it came to me, that I want Ricky Martin in that way. Now I know he is gay but that means diddly squat to me. He is just …. on par with Mr Sexy (Leonardo DiCaprio) lol now for the tmi I may or may not be on my period. -___- LOL

I need some f*cking men in my life. 😛


That stupid man… or not.. but that’s if you like the dude.

Tonight I watched my favorite show — The Walking Dead and I was thoroughly disgusted with tonight’s ep. He ate an earthworm and he killed 3 dogs and served them roadkill for supper… I’m talking about Daryl Dixon. lol

I can’t wait for Bates Motel to return! ❤

I’m buzzed on coffee so, idk …

But, deer or bucks aren’t roadkill if they are a fresh kill — they are venison. All you do is skin and cut into pieces and cook them et voila! 🙂

I will shut the f*ck up now on that subject.

The foot nurse comes tomorrow, so that is all good.


A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Well, here I be. I got that new  game Pokemon Shuffle off the eShop the other day… I haven’t gotten a chance to play yet… I mean, it looks good sort of like Bejeweled but instead of jewels you have pokemon. 🙂 My sister went on a munchie run to Pik Kwick; a convenience store nearby.

In simming news, my sister has the hang of the Sims 4 but it still baffles me. And I think my sims2 game has gone kaput.  I have to re-install everything yet again.

In pokemon news, well, I started again with OR. I chose torchic and by god, is he ever strong! o_o



Beautiful. 🙂

The White Crayon

A halo of fire
And wings made out of stone
Maybe I couldn’t fly
But in my dreams I’m soaring through the sky alone
And so, I carry these wings
Though heavy they may be
Searching for a cliff
A gateway to my dreams
where innocent words and meaningless smiles
don’t come off as fire from my mouth
Where angels aren’t judged from having halos of fire
And wings made out of stone
can still be spread out to fly

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I must apologize about that bit of hyperbole…

That last post, my fine feathered friends was too much TMI and I’m sorry. (Although apparently ppl liked it lol) I should have warned you… I need to get my sh*t in gear and write more ‘more or less’ quality blog entries… but wtf is that? Do I confuse y’all?? I confuse myself so don’t worry, I just laugh it off and move on. 😛

I had fish & chips for supper. Nommy. 🙂

I was searching up on Google whether the Vita camera is better than the 3DS and got this. I love my Vita. I gave my 3DS XL to my sister. Some day I have to make a video with my Vita… take everyone on a tour of our messy bedroom lol.. I took my vita to bowling but I only have a few pictures, so I’ll post what I have and y’all can take a gander here.

I sure as hell am a windbag today, don’t you think? 😛