I think I’ll make this blog awards free.

Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving stuff like that… but I want this blog awards free. I ❤ y’all for nominating me for such awards but I think this blog is fantastic w/o the awards.

I had fish & chips for supper. Noms.

I’m worried about my sister, they are calling for winter weather (Thanks Butch for sending some our way XD.) And she doesn’t have boots on, just sneakers. 😦 I hope she is ok w/ Donnie walking back.

Shar says that the reason our internet connection keeps winking off all the bloody time is that we have too much stuff on the powerbar. So, both Coll & I have our lappies (She has a Toshiba and I have a Vaio.) on our beds. I hope the stupid powerbar is ok and doesn’t do that crap again.

I am getting tired so, I will take a catnap til Coll comes home.

Sam, your freckly friend (I have them in the winter too. :P)

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