You Aren’t In The Movie Ghost

Funny stuff,,,


Dave sat at the computer to write a poem
He raised his hand to type but when he dropped a finger
His finger went through the keyboard
“It’s not real” Dave said
“No you aren’t.  Look you can do this.  You aren’t in the movie Ghost”
“Why do you think I can do it?”
“Answer that yourself.  If I answer it I’ll become the protagonist”
“Good point” Dave said
Dave concentrated and put his fingers to the keyboard
“This will make a great story.  Hallucination learns to type poems”
“Shut up” Dave said “you broke my concentration”
“You don’t have concentration because I don’t”
“Yeah because you interrupt everyone”
“Everyone?  There is only you and me”
“Was what I meant” Dave said frowning
“Give up if you can’t” I said pointing at the computer
Dave got up
And stormed off grabbing his jacket and sneering at me
I sat down…

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