Oh hell.

I finally figured out why I was feeling so crummy these past few days! The answer?o Low blood sugars. I finally put two and two together. Holy mackinaw!


I just tested my blood and it’s like 5.2. Earlier on it was 4 something…

I still am feeling run down. Maybe I have a touch of the flu too… idk


In Pokemon/game news, I am definitely getting my Ninty console of choice — the 2DS, then if I have anymore $$$ I am going to pick up some eShop cards. so.. YAY! I want that new game Pokemon Z. That dog Zygarde is awesome. Looks like a doberman. ❤

Zygarde 10% Forme by MegaRezfan


Isn’t that just kick arse? I love it. 🙂 Anyway I need my afternoon nap.





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