Sh*t on toast…

I knew it. F*cking bronchitis. Every single time that I catch colds they always turn into bronchitis. My lungs hurt like hell. I keep coughing up phlegm and even as I have this, I have a cough which leaves my lungs in pain. 😦

I have just two pictures of my experimental sim. She is really quite lovely, and I plunked her into Pleasantview. At least I think so…?

snapshot c38c06ba c38c06be

Here she is. Now I’m pretty bad with names…. I forget them, so I have the game open now… her name is Sadie Frost. She’s a redhead, and she has alien eyes that I got somewhere…

snapshot c38c06ba a38c06c5

She’s an elf! I am doing a sort of legacy with this lady here. I want her children to either have the ears or the eyes. I plunked her down in a small pre-made home bc, my own building skills are the sh*ts. Holy mackinaw!

So I begin my puffer tomorrow. Thank gods. I hate having bronchitis.


6 thoughts on “Sh*t on toast…

  1. @Hannah I boolpropped my sim with the doctor that comes when your sim is having a sh*t fit. lol Ugliest thing I have ever boolpropped, I have even tried boolpropped a sim with the Unsavory Charletan lol


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