Afternoon ppl…

I’m going to write a blog entry, and then, perhaps a nap? Yeah.. sounds good.  We  have our AC cranked today… it’s too hot to do anything really. It’s 31 bloody degrees out and factor in the humidity… shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. :/

LOL We Canadians like to b*tch about the weather…

I still can’t believe our ward’s counselor is my neighbor!

Ok, that was random. 😛

On Thursday IF I get my monies that I am waiting for that will be perfect.. why? Because I’m buying my sister’s bf’s lappy. So I am happy. 🙂 It’s a Gateway. 😀 Donnie wanted a Dell, and Amir is keeping it until Donnie  gets the $200 from moi. So.. everything is going peachy. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Afternoon ppl…

  1. 31 degrees….that´s nothing ! We Spaniards, strong as bulls I should add, are suffering a heat wave. By 10 a.m is almost 35 and in the afternoon you get your cool 40 degrees and I don´t have AC, my AC is taking 5 cold showers a day.

    By the way in the first post you said you rejoined twitter, and now in this post you said your taking a nap… did rejoin if you are taking a nap? That´s my question, you multitask while sleeping…..

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