Time for Ghostpuppet to rise from her grave…

Well, almost time. I realize that my username is very Hallowe’en-y but then, I’m like that too. I wish that Hallowe’en was all year round. This is my username story.

  1. If you have ever seen a picture of me, then you know I have ghostly (or vampire) skin. I don’t like the sun but my pale skin is just my natural skintone. I have red hair and green eyes too… combine the 3 and you have my Irish heritage on my mother’s side. So there is the ‘ghost’ part
  2. I am strangely attracted to puppets or marionettes. They freak me out. So.. there is the ‘puppet’ part.

I’m just your average loony in other words. 😛


Sorry about not posting…

Our computer went kaput the other day… and we either fix it or trade the bloody thing in for a Dell. Tonight we are having quesdillas (sic) … so yum! 🙂 I’m actually posting from my 3DS 🙂 I hope the computer issues work themselves out. I need a f*cking computer… Today, this morning really, […]