Toots McGee

For the lack of semi-normal subject line… yeah…

I have good news and bad news… the good news is that I am getting a whole new computer. I want WinXP so that my bloody Sims2 bodyshop will work properly.. and also this segues into the bad news. Win 7 doesn’t work well with the bodyshop. It doesn’t even effing load. FML. Amir is being a sweetheart in finding a computer that will be better. 🙂

Ok, I just finished talking to my sister, and we have decided to get Win7 on the Toshiba (not my sister’s machine)  and that is that bc both Coll and I are getting sick and tired of not finding a good computer for me.

And on top of all this lovely crap my grandma has a blood clot in her leg and I’m afraid it’s going to spread. She needs all the praying she can get.

Colly’s behind me reading my post LOL..


Sorry about not posting…

Our computer went kaput the other day… and we either fix it or trade the bloody thing in for a Dell. Tonight we are having quesdillas (sic) … so yum! 🙂 I’m actually posting from my 3DS 🙂 I hope the computer issues work themselves out. I need a f*cking computer… Today, this morning really, […]