I had some Indian food for supper…

I had butter chicken, rice and a bun — 2 buns. I am on my rag so I tend to crave carbs. 🙂 I wasn’t into the chicken as it had too much fat and not much meat, but the rice and buns were nice.

I had my pills and I’m almost ready for bed. 🙂

I had this headache but Lorraine told me to get some tea and I did and it helped.

I think my next purchase is this. I am getting the cheaper one bc I think the new 3DS price is ridiculous. Plus, I can buy eShop cards and get Pokémon X (and Y maybe) later on… I tried Alpha Sapphire but was not impressed with it. Don’t get me wrong, Kyogre is my favorite legendary, but it’s been s long time since I played Sapphire or Ruby… I mean the originals btw.,,