I am a USB connection… lol

The sound that tells you that a usb has been plugged in occurs when I put the laptop on my lap.. and when I put it on the bed, the noise that tells you that the usb has been removed occurs. So? That makes me a human usb port. lol

I am getting a better computer on the 4th, so… it will be a late birthday present to myself, as my birthday is Saturday.. and either Monday or Tuesday I will get some money to buy it. My dear sister Coll will pick it up. 🙂

I’m going to go on twitter now on my vita. And, sometime in the fall before Pokemon Sun & Moon come out, I am going to get a 3DS.

Sam, your redheaded windbag.

Camp and a funny video…

First, camp. I went to Dorset to camp with my sister and some friends. I met what woulhd be a bosom buddy named May. ❤ I had an ok time with my sister, despite me having my period. On the second last day at camp Coll and I went swimming in the indoor pool.

And the funny vid. This will have you in stitches.

Oh f*ck…

I suppose all of you think I’ve abandoned this and you my wonderful subbies… It’s just that WP was dicking around with me and the stupid password situation. I really am sorry for not posting. I will post here most often. I have an LJ if you are on there and you can add me there as well as here.

Cripes there is a lot happening in my life. On Sunday we are going up north to Camp Dorset. I am nervous bc I will be leaving my comfort zone. I hate this. I want to have fun but my agoraphobia is getting in the way of this.

July 2nd is my birthday. I want to order Little Caesar’s deep deep dish pizza for my sister and I. I also am getting either the original 3DS, or the newer one sometime this summer. Maybe not in July, but maybe September which is marginally close to the Pokemon Sun/Moon is coming out in November. 🙂 The reason for not in July, is that I am getting a new computer from Tek Support.

Anyways, it’s nearly 1 in the morning. I should get some sleep.


Bad feet and an Inspiron…

I have no bloody clue what is with my feet. The left one hurts pretty bad but the right foot aches like no tomorrow! *sighs*

Anyways,  yeah, good news on the computer scene… my sister got me an Dell Inspiron. 😀 Right now some dump truck is dumping some sort of ground up rock maybe to fill in the potholes? smh…


OMG you must hate me….

I’m sooo sorry for not posting but WP was being an S.O.B. They were bitching about passwords and all that type of crap. So, thankfully Chrome remembered the password. But I need to change it. I mean, to avoid all of this f*ckery, y’know?

Not much is up with me… I’m getting a new computer on Monday or Tuesday. It’s an HP. I just hope the wi-fi here works on my computer. I know it will but I just have these little nagging f*ckers in my head telling me it won’t…

I want to buy Napoleon Dynamite. I love Jon Heder. ❤


Again, sorry for the absence. I haven’t abandoned this. 🙂

I sneeze twice… idk why though — and I’m not dead … yet.

I know I have been sort of ignoring this journal but I post to WordPress every so often. I’m more likely to be on LJ. I should post here but most of the people I follow don’t update that often neither.

I am getting another computer from Amir, bc I sold my other one to my sister Jams bf. They wanted a laptop so… I talked to Coll and we agreed that $80 is a good price for an older gently used Dell. My new computer is another Dell. A newer model though.

Next month I am going to buy a 3DS XL (used of course). I need the computer first.

I ate so much today… food coma. :-/


I guess I kind of abandoned this journal…

Sorry about that. I have been active on my LJ more than here. I don’t know if it’s my resolution (1920×1200) or what bc everything is tiny lol..

I am going to go to aspaghetti dinner tonight soooo guess who is going to stuff her face? *jabs finger at chest* That’s right. Hehe..

Holy f*ck! The 3DS XL Hyrule edition is in Gamestop/EB Games! Yes!!! XD