I installed Opera and Photoshop 6….

I had Comodo’s Chromodo which is sort of a bastardized version of Chrome which I hated so I un-installed it and also got rid of Google Chrome Canary too. I installed Opera bc it has never failed me (yet). And I got PS6… which I found the CD in one of the wicker baskets that we have on top of the armoire. 🙂

Today is goieng very quietly so far. That’s the way I like it. Peaceful. I am no longer a city mouse, I am a country mouse. 🙂

I have some gaming news for y’all. At the end of the month I am getting a 3DS XL (or maybe just a 3DS. And I will post pictures of it with my vita bc my webcam is blurry for some reason. I guess all it needs is some cleaning of the lens.

We are having chicken thighs for dinner with some kind of potato or rice dish on the side and as always some sort of veggie.

Sam your redheaded girl


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