I d/led this desktop app for WordPress…

And so far so good. Now I can post anything and everything…  from the 1970’s Doctor Who theme song that creeped me out as a child to my usual offering of ranting and raving… y’know?

I want to find Superbad and watch it on Jamie-Colleen (my computer’s name).

It is utterly silent here as if the birds and animals know that the weather changes in a blink of an eye. I hear no birdsong. Nothing. I just looked out my window and it does look like a storm is coming…

You should try this app. Very handy.


This day just flew by! o_o

I swear, there are fast days like today and slow ones like yesterday. Today went too fast! o_o Ah well.. there is DVDs to watch on the computers (both my sister and I have computers) software to be installed (if I can find the bloody PS6 that is…) and all that good stuff.

It’s raining and I think they are calling for thunderstorms! Hell yes. ❤


It’s a quiet Saturday…

It is so quiet in this town, you can hear a pin drop. I can say that it’s extremely different from Toronto. There is less crime in Newmarket, and the neighbors are friendly instead of always at you for something or other. I love it here… but I have one little rant. Why the f*ck did they take away Or Hadash, our local synagogue…? I mean c’mon now.

I am worried about Coll, she’s not back from the dinner and it is already 7pm. I know that she is probably fine… I just worry bc I care for her. I mean she’s my baby sister. 🙂 Yay! She just came back!! 😀


Not in front of children!!!

I just had dinner at St. John Chrysostem church. It was shepherd’s pie but our dinner as interupted when two people decided to freak out over something or whatever and they did that in the presence of young children. I was appalled and I don’t blame Gabby moving Donovan away from the chaos. I mean, c’mon here! If you feel the need to fight, DO IT AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Is it that bloody hggard?!


A disgusted Sam

My sister is texting my other sister…

I have 3 sisters and one bbirrother. I have my older sister Toni, and my two younger sisters Coll and Jamie and of course my brother Alex. ❤ Coll was texting Jamie. 🙂

I am in a much better mood now. I had like 4 sausages and a cheese sammich for lunch. Passover is soon — in April. I am not a terribly observant Jew but I do try and keep kosher.

Speaking of April, my unbirthday is April Fools Day!