Listening to U2

Sunday Bloody Sunday. I need to get an older version of iTunes. The new one is pretty sh*tty. I want to convert my mp3s to AAC (or whatevs) files so that I can put them on my 2DS. That’s another strike against Nintendo. Whereas the 2DS needs AAC format, the vita just imports the songs wirelessly. Y’know?  🙂

But the 2DS is ok too. I can shoot b&w pix and videos. And it plays my pokemon games, so I am happy with these handhelds. It seems that the new Ninty console is not the same as the 2DS/3DS (xl)… it is like… the ‘Cube… or if you want to compare them, just like the Wii U. I hope it doesn’t have the same fate as the Wii U.

I ate like a pig tonight, lasagna, two helpings of Caesar salad, 2 buns, 2 deviled eggs, a slice of honeydew melon, and two soft cookies with 3 juice boxes. My sister says that I have a cast iron stomach. lol


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