Spaghetti dinner tonight…

I’m going to a community spaghetti dinner tonight. 🙂 I hope that there is Caesar salad and garlic toast to go along with. I effing love spaghetti. All Italian food really, except for eggplant parm. Blech.

I opened my window a crack to let fresh air in our bedroom bc it stunk a little. :-p

I have to find out why my computer is not uploading pictures from my SD card. I am going to google it after this. 🙂 I have quite a few and I am going to take some pix at the dinner. 🙂

I might have to go to the library and upload them there. I will probably go sometime Tuesday as I believe they are closed Mondays.

I can’t wait til I get my vita. Better camera, works with the content manager to upload/download pix and all that jazz. That way, I can take better pix and show them to y’all.


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