A selfie…


That is what I look like… if y’all are interested… :p

I went to St John’s for the weekly dinner they put on. It was a yummy pasta bake. I was a pig tonight though… two helpings of pasta and two buns (whole wheat) and a piece of vanilla cake. (^_~)


That was strange…

I had a sh*t ton of mp3s and I forgot to back up them when I deleted thiem for Amir… and when I looked for an mp3 on my 2DS, I found that my entire collection was on the 2DS! o_o I’m like wtf? Strange but awesome. 😀

I am craving the panini and soup special at the book cafe. Only $8. 😀


Happy f*cking Valentines Day…

Valentines is no fun when you are single… which I am. I hate it. Flowers and chocolate and sweet words whispered in your ear? Sour grapes? Maybe…. jealousy of my sister’s new love, maybe… I want to be happy but the truth is Valentines Day just reminds me of my age (41) and the internal clock is ticking. I hate it. I have always hated this bloody f*cking holiday.

/angry rant

Enough of that, I had an ok day bowling in the morning .. I got 99 which sucks majorly. I have no idea why though… I had a good sleep last night… 99… I guess that’s an ok score…

I’m drinking ice cold water. I need the fluids… I’m not sick or anything but this drug I take called Invokana has the annoying habit of making me go to the bathroom a gazillion times during the day AND another side effect is dehydration and that is also a pain in the arse… so I combat that by drinking a sh*tload of water.

Jen said to wear a rubber band and to snap it when ever I want to do self harm.

A very depressed Sammi.

Y’all are the best!!!!!

I  just took a gander, and I have 180+ subbies! *is shocked and pleased as punch* I love  y’all.. every one of you. ❤ OMG!! It’s snowing to beat the band! I love it. 🙂

I went bowling this morning and I got 99. I guess that’s better than last week 84. lol I got a chilly Diet Coke after. I love Diet Pepsi better.

We are listening to the Rolling Stones, Coll Grandma and I are. 🙂 Mick looks like a friend of ours Ieva (Yev-ah) …

We are having those awesome fries that Shar makes with the fish sticks.


I finished up my small presentation.

I finally got up of my arse and made a small presentation on Anne Frank. 🙂 Now I can relax. I think I’ll take a siesta after this. I saw Shirley today at the schizophrenia clinic.

Nothing is going on today. I might want to go to the library… if I get bored enough I will. 🙂



If y’all remember I sold my vita? Right. I found myself pining for it. So, I went on Kijiji and found one dirt cheap. It looks great and the price can’t be beat $65. And it’s the special edition white one. So… now I will have a 2DS and a vita. I am happier than a pig in mud. 😀

It’s going to be -20 out Saturday. In Ontario that is considered really cold but I know Butch will have to disagree on that bc he lives in the Prairies and they get colder temps worse than ours.

Coll is off to the Land of Nod for awhile. :p


F*ck yes…

Denver won… even got a f*cking touchdown baby! We nearly slept at Anne’s thats how late we stayed. Thank God for Mr. Sandercock. Really. He brought us home.

Today I go see the diabetic clinic. I don’t know which dr I am seeing today.. perhaps Dr. A? I think that’s right. I got my kit… and my 2DS in case I get bored waiting.

Speaking of my 2DS, I can’t wait til the end of the month bc I’m getting a $50 eShop card, and a $20 eShop card, so I can buy Pokemon Y and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I haven’t played the originals in eons. I remember the outrageous prices when the originals came out. $60 for Sapphire and Ruby and f*cking $70 for Emerald! But you know what? I paid those prices (even Emerald) bc I love Pokemon, and I’m glad that all the oldies but goodies are coming back.

I did not see the Pokemon ad. I went on YT to see it. F*cking epic.


Football = love

I had a good Superbowl party. I ate a lot of food… drank too much pop.. watched the game, chatted with several people. ❤

Tomorrow is Monday.

I hate Mondays. So does Garfield. Word.

Is it just me or does Beyonce look like a ho with the halftime??