Happy f*cking Valentines Day…

Valentines is no fun when you are single… which I am. I hate it. Flowers and chocolate and sweet words whispered in your ear? Sour grapes? Maybe…. jealousy of my sister’s new love, maybe… I want to be happy but the truth is Valentines Day just reminds me of my age (41) and the internal clock is ticking. I hate it. I have always hated this bloody f*cking holiday.

/angry rant

Enough of that, I had an ok day bowling in the morning .. I got 99 which sucks majorly. I have no idea why though… I had a good sleep last night… 99… I guess that’s an ok score…

I’m drinking ice cold water. I need the fluids… I’m not sick or anything but this drug I take called Invokana has the annoying habit of making me go to the bathroom a gazillion times during the day AND another side effect is dehydration and that is also a pain in the arse… so I combat that by drinking a sh*tload of water.

Jen said to wear a rubber band and to snap it when ever I want to do self harm.

A very depressed Sammi.


6 thoughts on “Happy f*cking Valentines Day…

  1. don’t feel bad, I am single now as well, February 14th (Valentine’s Day) would have been my 19th wedding anniversary , and 41 isn’t old, I’m pushing 49 lol , the 40’s are the new 20’s or so they say lol , i can tell you honestly, Love will find you when you least expect it , in the meantime being single also has it’s perks…. you can pretty much do as you please when you please, you can have jammie days and you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself 🙂

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