F*ck yes…

Denver won… even got a f*cking touchdown baby! We nearly slept at Anne’s thats how late we stayed. Thank God for Mr. Sandercock. Really. He brought us home.

Today I go see the diabetic clinic. I don’t know which dr I am seeing today.. perhaps Dr. A? I think that’s right. I got my kit… and my 2DS in case I get bored waiting.

Speaking of my 2DS, I can’t wait til the end of the month bc I’m getting a $50 eShop card, and a $20 eShop card, so I can buy Pokemon Y and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I haven’t played the originals in eons. I remember the outrageous prices when the originals came out. $60 for Sapphire and Ruby and f*cking $70 for Emerald! But you know what? I paid those prices (even Emerald) bc I love Pokemon, and I’m glad that all the oldies but goodies are coming back.

I did not see the Pokemon ad. I went on YT to see it. F*cking epic.



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