Twitter is really starting to royally piss me off. I got hacked not once, not twice but 3 f*cking times! I hate this sh*t. I can’t log in at all. STUPID F*CKING TWITTER!!!!!!! *falls off bed* Crap.

Guess what? David (our homeowner) made some of his delicious soups. This timed it was chicken soup with farfalle and spaghetti noodles.e *dies*

I have been hit again by the wacky stick. I have been thinking of funny things and I just start giggling. Also I have been up since 3 bloody am. Half listening to Coll watching Labyrinth (She is taking David Bowie’s death hard) and half trying to sleep after staying up. I didn’t get to sleep so after breakfast and bowling I tried napping again … but nope. I tried watching The Deadliest Warrior (my favorite show) so that is what I did. So.. if I sound a bit dodgy, I am. 🙂



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