Ok, so my sister and I went last night to Microplay which is a family owned video games store… and we traded in my vita, and now I have a teal and white 2DS for cheap. Not a used one …. a brand new one. I got 2 $20 eShop cards but I can’t buy any of the pokemon games until next month… bummer I know so, I am not touching the $40 in the console until next month where I can get a $50 one. That way I will have $90 for the eShop games. I might just be able to get Pokemon Y and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire too! 😀 This pleases me to no end. I have pix for you to enjoy. 😀


I love this house. It’s so well built and everything. Yes, our snow is almost gone. 😦 Perhaps the storm will bring snow?


Mwahahaha! We have an Elm street near us! 😀


Here is a sky pic. I like taking pix of the skies. I will take b&w pictures too..


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