The X-Files rebooted…

Hey … the X-Files are returning. Will it be enough for the hardcore fans like myself or will it fall flat on it’s face? Scully has longer hair and Mulder is Mulder ❤ Only an hours time. ❤ Cigarette Smoking man is back too.

I wonder if we are going to get the snow that the US got. I hope so. Well, it is inevitable. Newmarket is a snow belt area so we usually get a sh*t ton of the white stuff. 🙂

I’m not impressed by the new Nintendo offering. I still think 2DSes and 3DS XL consoles are the best. Stay with a recipe for success by not trying to update almost every f*cking months. I get my mac (or w/e is in my price range’ but seriously I’m not buying it, I’m trading it in for a 2DS) I honestly hope to get the mac but if that isn’t good enough, I will settle for an Acer or w/e.


I wasn’t a pig at dinner tonight…

I only had one serving of spaghetti. 🙂 I am trying to watch my weight and keep the junk to a bare minimum.

Yes!! This girl is a mac owner again! 😀 On Monday we get it. I am so excir d!!!! Does anybody here on WP have a mac and could give me some pointers to advice or where you could get freebies for the mac? I am happy!


I just woke up…

Well, at 8:30am that is. I always wake up at around 8 now. I really wanted to sleep in today bc I’m a lazy bum. lol anyways, my natural circadian rhythm is more or less better. I go to sleep at around 10-ish, and wake up at 8.

I am probably going to watch Deadliest Warrior, until my brother comes and wants to play Clicker Heroes. 🙂 I love that show. I am such a guy’s girl. I love gratuitous violence and video games and contact sports like hockey and football. 😀

Hopefully TWD will return to AMC soon. And Bates Motel on A&E. s

Sam your guys girl. 🙂

Feeling better… I was beginning to go loco with the flu and bronchitis…

I hate the flu. Just telling you that now. I despise how weak physically and mentally you get with that sh*t. Thank gods that it’s pretty much over… the only thing wrong is the bronchitis crap… it won’t go away! o_o

I am really love this vid. It rocks my socks.

In gaming news, I am doing well on DDU. I!’m on the planet Cosmos. This will tide me over until I buy a 2DS and some eShop cards. First thing I’m going to d/l is Pokemon Y. Then… Alpha Sapphire.

OMG!! I just discovered my favorite show from Spike tv!!!!!! Deadliest Warrior! That show is the best. It was usually on Fridays on Spike. I wonder if 1000 Ways to Die is on Youtube as well! This is a game changer! *dances* ❤

Right now I have to do something and then, I’m check YT for 1000 W2D!


I love Diet Pepsi <3

It has a sweet cinnamon after taste. I love cinnamon anything. <3at

Right now I am fighting with my CFS. I want to sleep for a bit but snack is soon… maybe a cat nap won’t hurt. I hate the way where I’m constantly sleeping. Tomorrow is Caturday. 🙂

Hopefully, my sea green 2DS is still there. If it isn’t then back to the ole drawing board. :/

In computer news, I think my mouse is possessed bc it keeps jiggling. lol

I forgot about my vita for a moment there. I love my vita but I want to play Pokemon Y and Alpha Sapphire. OMG does that last game take me back. I remember standing outside in our backyard in January, waiting for the staff to count heads, and me and my GBA and a copy of Sapphire in it.. and finally I reached lvl 100 with Winterblue, my kyogre ❤


I have a headache…

Damn it all. I had a post all written up and then Windows Vista decided to screw w/ me. F*cking piece of sh*t. Grr! Well, my computer woes are not as bad as poor Donny’s. He got highjacked. o_o

I can just feel that 2DS in my paws as I type this. I want to add my girls (Linnie and Regan) to my friends on the console! 😀 After that, I am going to d/l Y (bc Yveltal kicks major butt.) and Alpha Sapphire (again bc Kyogre is that awesome! He is my favorite legendary!)

I’m going to take an Advil and hit the hay for a bit. 🙂


Here I sit…

Just blogging away happily and drinking tea. 🙂 I am happy bc I’m getting my 2DS very soon! You know what that means don’t you? It means, that I will be a ble to participate in those giveaways/trades that are going on in Twitter nowadays. , I:)

Or maybe Taco wants to do some battling/trading… who knows! 😀

Hurry up January!



Oh hell.

I finally figured out why I was feeling so crummy these past few days! The answer?o Low blood sugars. I finally put two and two together. Holy mackinaw!


I just tested my blood and it’s like 5.2. Earlier on it was 4 something…

I still am feeling run down. Maybe I have a touch of the flu too… idk


In Pokemon/game news, I am definitely getting my Ninty console of choice — the 2DS, then if I have anymore $$$ I am going to pick up some eShop cards. so.. YAY! I want that new game Pokemon Z. That dog Zygarde is awesome. Looks like a doberman. ❤

Zygarde 10% Forme by MegaRezfan


Isn’t that just kick arse? I love it. 🙂 Anyway I need my afternoon nap.