I better hop in the shower soon…

I have a physical tomorrow and I want to be clean for Dr. rDoherty. And also maybe flatten my cowlicks. LOL Maybe after lunch? Yeah…

I can’t wait to see the pokemon Superbowl ad. 😀 I know it’s on YT but I want to see the ad on tv (if I don’t miss it. 😦 I hope to see it.) I can’t wait to get my 2DS and maybe a $50 eShop card to download Y. (Ot if they have released Pokemon Z, I’ll download that b4 Y ) I’m getting the sea green 2DS. I don’t know however when that will be bc Amir is going to do upgrades for me that will cost about the same as a 2DS… but, but, they have a used one for mallard hen feed. (That’s how my sister call items dirt cheap. lol) $90! And then, I will have my GST helping, so maybe I can do both?e

Anne and her family are hosting this years Superbowl party. 😀


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