A bit cranky today

I have an incredibly busy week ahead of me. I want to cancel my appt with Dr. Brennagh bc I have nothing to say to him. I don’t want to waste his time nor my own. And then, Thursday I have a physical with Dr. Doherty. Thankfully I don’t have to get a pap smear bc I’m not sexually active. I know that a pap smear can also check for other sh*t like cancers and STDs. But like I said, I have no sex life so no pap smear for this girl. Friday I go see my baby sister. I have 3 sisters, one brother, and one aunt and one grandma. Which suits me. As I was saying though, I’m seeing Jamie on Friday. ❤ We are going to have a pig out party at her place.

I just realized that I have a big family. I have Toni my older sister, Coll and Jamie my two younger sisters, my baby brother Alex and my Aunt Catherine and my Grandma Liz ❤ I love them so. 😀



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