The X-Files rebooted…

Hey … the X-Files are returning. Will it be enough for the hardcore fans like myself or will it fall flat on it’s face? Scully has longer hair and Mulder is Mulder ❤ Only an hours time. ❤ Cigarette Smoking man is back too.

I wonder if we are going to get the snow that the US got. I hope so. Well, it is inevitable. Newmarket is a snow belt area so we usually get a sh*t ton of the white stuff. 🙂

I’m not impressed by the new Nintendo offering. I still think 2DSes and 3DS XL consoles are the best. Stay with a recipe for success by not trying to update almost every f*cking months. I get my mac (or w/e is in my price range’ but seriously I’m not buying it, I’m trading it in for a 2DS) I honestly hope to get the mac but if that isn’t good enough, I will settle for an Acer or w/e.


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