I love Diet Pepsi <3

It has a sweet cinnamon after taste. I love cinnamon anything. <3at

Right now I am fighting with my CFS. I want to sleep for a bit but snack is soon… maybe a cat nap won’t hurt. I hate the way where I’m constantly sleeping. Tomorrow is Caturday. 🙂

Hopefully, my sea green 2DS is still there. If it isn’t then back to the ole drawing board. :/

In computer news, I think my mouse is possessed bc it keeps jiggling. lol

I forgot about my vita for a moment there. I love my vita but I want to play Pokemon Y and Alpha Sapphire. OMG does that last game take me back. I remember standing outside in our backyard in January, waiting for the staff to count heads, and me and my GBA and a copy of Sapphire in it.. and finally I reached lvl 100 with Winterblue, my kyogre ❤


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