Feeling better… I was beginning to go loco with the flu and bronchitis…

I hate the flu. Just telling you that now. I despise how weak physically and mentally you get with that sh*t. Thank gods that it’s pretty much over… the only thing wrong is the bronchitis crap… it won’t go away! o_o

I am really love this vid. It rocks my socks.

In gaming news, I am doing well on DDU. I!’m on the planet Cosmos. This will tide me over until I buy a 2DS and some eShop cards. First thing I’m going to d/l is Pokemon Y. Then… Alpha Sapphire.

OMG!! I just discovered my favorite show from Spike tv!!!!!! Deadliest Warrior! That show is the best. It was usually on Fridays on Spike. I wonder if 1000 Ways to Die is on Youtube as well! This is a game changer! *dances* ❤

Right now I have to do something and then, I’m check YT for 1000 W2D!


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