I am chairperson of the Bored…

Y’know, I’m sorry but some guys think with their dicks. Girls do you know what I mean? Holy f*ck. Coll attracts the wrong sort of men. She needs a good guy like Randy or Lawrence. Especially Lawrence. Lawrence treats my friend Barbara like a queen.

Today is both Lorraine & Ieva’s birthday.

Last night I was looking at this. I love this song, but the video is a little warped like that guy (girl?) in that horrible neon yellow suit and this chick dancing with Psy under her? WTF is up with that? LOL

In other news I am getting a Pokemon 3DS XL! =) I hope it’s the pikachu one. I’m not too sure if it is… it might be the other Pokemon 3DS XLs… y’know?



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