I feel like sh*t…

Physically wise. I have a case of the sh*ts. This is not what I wanted. I want to bowl tomorrow with my sister. 😦 I hope it’s gone by tomorrow.

I am getting some snacks tonight. I hope my stomach doesn’t rebel against me, idk…

I have this cowlick that won’t go down. I have a picture of it.

2016 01 14 192251

As you can see my hair is back to being golden brown. Yeah, I dye my hair red bc I like it. I want to color my hair purple.. should be a midlife crisis eh? LOL When does that start? I’m only 41. When I was a kid I had strawberry blonde hair. I guess my hair is still like that.

I need to rest. I have some pix of the snow on my dreamwidth journal here.



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