I really should tag my entries lol

I usually by pass the tags section. I just don’t really tag my posts. Today, Coll wants me to meet her new ‘bf’ Joe. She only met him once at Timmy’s. I am worried bc what if he turns out to be a perv? I can tell you, that if that is the case. Coll and I are going home lickity split. Shar wants me to go with her to prevent her from getting hurt.o

I have been praying for God to watch over us. I am Jewish and I pray. Grandma was going on about the Ark of the Covenant and I told her that there is nothing like that in the Torah. She is Christian so she goes on and on about religion, and I’m not interested. LOL

The weather right now is cloudy with a bit of sun. But true to Canadian form, we will get another sh*tload of the stuff no doubt.

Update: He’s stuck at work! God is the best. ❤


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