Snow, snow and yet more snow. :)

I ain’t complaining. I love the snow, it’s just the ice that I hate. My friend Toni fell on the ice tonight. She hurt her elbow. 😦 And that is precisely the reason I stay indoors when there is ice. I have to see the weather forecast for Friday, bc that as many of my readers know that Friday mornings are for bowling. FFS, I just looked up Newmarket weather and snow w/ sleet. I think bowling might be canceled due to the weather. Maybe the social too. :/ And I can tell you, I am NOT going anywhere if there is sleet. F*ck that noise.

In other news, I am definitely getting a 3DS XL next month. 😀 Now all I need is some eShop cards to get Pokemon Y and Alpha Sapphire bc we all know that Kyogre rules. ❤ Kyogre is my favorite legendary. 🙂 I feel like watching Charlie & the Chocolate factory, y’know with a very young Freddie Highmore? I would watch it but I have no idea where it is as of this moment, and I am too lazy to look for it. Heh. Coll and I stayed for lunch and had delicious omelettes on toast. 😀

I need to relax, bc my back hurts.


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