Slush nearly killed me…

I went to the Monday night supper and I nearly fell on my keister with the damn slush on the sidewalk. And y’know? With this cold weather slush turns to ice and the only location ice should be is in your drink, NOT ON THE BLOODY SIDEWALKS AND ROADS!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, David Bowie died yesterday of cancer. I’m a little shocked but Coll who is a Bowie fan told me, he smoked like a chimney so, he died of lung cancer. I am not sure that this is the correct way that he passed away though.

In Pokemon news, I am definitely getting a 3DS XL. @ Gamestop Canada. It is the same price as the 2DS. $130. I am getting a used XL. 🙂 I want to get some eShop cards to d/l Pokemon Y, and Alpha Sapphire. 🙂 I think that buying the digital copy is better than the actual game. You don’t misplace the digital copy. 😀

I have a natural wave to my hair and when I wash it and wait for it to dry, it tends to go everywhere. I have a cowlick in my hair… 😛


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