RIP David Bowie

Apparently he is dead. Cancer. This was a little shocking but I told my sister and she feels sorry for Iman, David’s widow…

I think the factory sys restore did a lot of good. Jamie (my computers name) is still stubborn when installing some things like Flash or w/e. n

In Ninty and pokemon news, I am either getting a 2DS or a cheap 3DS XL. I think it will be the 2DS, bc Colly is trying to save our money. That’s ok, the 2DS will do nicely. I want some eShop cards too. I also need to get a new cord for my vita bc the old one is fraying… y’know?

It’s snowing. I told Coll that it was going to snow today. She thought that it wasn’t going to snow. 🙂

I’m going to leave y’all with my favorite David Bowie song.



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