Ok, that was weird…

Today was a good day. The only snag was Y! Messenger. I got a f*cking virus along side. Sooo… after 3 sys restores, the problem was still there and I couldn’t un-install the damn messenger. Sooo.. I had to do a factory reset. I lost everything. But I have faith, so after the computer restored itself, I started again by d/ling the Opera browser which is the best considering the fact that IE was being a pain in the arse. Sooo… now I have install the sims again and the eps. I have never had that happen to me… Geula’s netbook died the same way. I restored it too… but her computer threw another wrench. It was f*cked beyond repair. So she bought herself an iPad Mini. I just changed cursors. The white cursor is too hard to see so I got myself a black cursor.

The snow it cometh. We lives in a snowbelt so we get a sh*t ton of it. I need to drink less coffee. I’m getting a headache. Ah well… I’ll take some Advil or w/e.

Coll and Kimmy are going to Timmy’s tomorrow… I’m probably just get a bagel w/ cream cheese and a peach drink when they go.



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