Meet Mia Bucket…

And her son Aidan. I promised you screenshots so here they are.

snapshot a39832cb a39837b7

That’s her prefab house. I can make houses but they are huge and sprawling. Maybe I’ll make one tonight… idk. I have to be in the right mood to build stuff.

snapshot a39832cb c3983b18

Mia’s duck face. lol

snapshot a39832cb a3985f12

Olive Specter looking for someone else to murder. Evil b*tch.

snapshot a39832cb 43983c38

See that girl with the short hair? I boolpropped her with Mia.

snapshot a39832cb 63983cf1

Here Nervous Subject threw a water balloon at her and I’m not sure she took it well bc…

snapshot a39832cb 63983d39

She got him back.

snapshot a39832cb 23983d2d


snapshot a39832cb 83983e8d

They fought a lot. I was afraid that Mia would lose the baby…

snapshot a39832cb 83985232

Here he is. He has his mom’s everything. Brown hair and green eyes.

snapshot a39832cb a3985afe

Here is Aidan’s birthday. The babyloaf stage is very boring.

snapshot a39832cb 43985c13

Here is toddler Aidan. Cute as a button. I need one baby more. so when they age up we can have a poll to see who will be heir/heiress. I might adopt. I know that usually adopted kids can’t become heir/heiress… but I play by my own rules.

snapshot a39832cb 83985bbaThis action is the cutest. 🙂 Huggy time!

snapshot a39832cb 239861ee

Aidan: Mama! There are no toilets in Alice in Wonderland!

And that’s about it. 🙂



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