It’s Thursday again…

Thursday @ the social means pizza! Every first Thursday they have pizza and Colly and Grandma always gets me some. 😀 I might take a nap seeing that I didn’t get to sleep until 1am. lol

I have to download Libre Office. It’s a better office suite than Microsoft’s Office… and Libre Office is free. Unlike MS Office.

I will try and upload my sims pix today. Coll says the reason BS won’t load is bc the Sims2 is an older game so… and the newer computers won’t load it thus.



One thought on “It’s Thursday again…

  1. Open Office is also free, and is compatible with the Microsoft word/office , which means if someone sends you a doc or something from microsoft office, you can actually read it lol , also microsoft office can read open office docs and such. I had Libre , it’s almost the same as open office, just didn’t feel right for me so I got rid of it lol , open , if your interested


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