Saw this on Twitter…

I love Poe. He was a brilliant but haunted writer. ❤

Today, I am going to have some oreo pudding. Coll bought some goodies for us at Wal-mart. I just love Wal-mart. It is the best. 😀

I’m getting a Toshiba laptop whenever I get paid. And next month February I’m getting a 2DS or a 3DS XL. Most likely a 2DS bc my sister is trying to keep above water with our spending habits. I’m the spender and she’s the saver. 😛

I have endured Alex’s obsession with Clicker Hero. Actually I’m addicted to it too. LOLOLOLOLOL It’s fun. 😀

Well, I went ahead and opened a Plurk account. I don’t know what to put there… but here I be anyways. I love to post from a 3DS to Plurk bc the mobile version on the vita isn’t the same as on a 3DS bc it’s more compact, y’know?

I need to sleep but the night–she is still young. Coll went for a brewski with Donny. I wish I could drink a brewski with them. No fair. 😦



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