Happy New Years people!


Well, it’s 2016. Holy crap. Coll’s going with her parents to a New Years mass. I am staying put and listening to Celine Dion. One of her fast tunes. I am not that mushy gushy stuff. :p

I painted my nails black but they are chipping already bc I only put one coat on. Anna did my hair last night. 🙂 Here is a pic of my hair, it’s super short lol

WIN 20160101 09 08 24 Pro

I’m supposed to be wearing a mask, but I can’t breathe with it on. I still have the bronchitis. I have to go see Dr. Bell again bc my cough hasn’t subsided -__-

I love my hair. I like it short. I had hair down to my bum, but I found it hard to manage.

So, what are your plans for today? I will be simming probably, I was just reminded of a joke me and my brother Andy used to call Hyper terminal. We used to call it Diaper terminal LOL

Speaking of computers, I am getting my machine maybe tomorrow. I can’t wait, I am so looking forward to sharing my simmies with y’all. I don’t have a lot of CC, but I will on my machine, see, I’m using my sister’s Vaio. My computer is a Toshiba.

I am going crazy w/o a 2DS. I want to participate in the giveaways and trades that I always see on Twitter. Even if it’s used.. I want it. 🙂 I have a vita but it doesn’t play pokemon and that is what I want.

Today is New Years Day. A lot of people are coming back from their parents.

I want cold pizza damnit.




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