Well, I’m off to bed @ 9…

If I go to sleep now, I’ll wake up some time in the night and then I will find it hard to get back to sleep. I had a good snack; pretzels and chips with these caramel chocolate thingamabobs and hot cocoa. 🙂 We get spoiled here. 😀

I think I will sim all day tomorrow. Tomorrow is Turkey Lurkey Day. Carol will make me some stuffing w/o onions. 😀 I’m having scrambled eggs tomorrow for breakfast. 🙂

My poor sister is sick. She has a fever of 102. 😦 I am so worried about her. I worry bc I love her very much. 🙂 ❤

So… in about an hours time, this girl will be fast asleep. Pray that both my sister gets better and me so I won’t wake up in the wee hours. Coll has the vita, so I have the laptop.

Your redheaded sleepy girl.


Xmas eve is here…

Where did the year go? OMG. I have lost a few friends and gained many more. Well, for those of you who celebrate Xmas, then Happy Xmas!! I had myself a good Hanukkah. Yep. I’m Jewish.

Coll has gone to see Dr. Bell to see about her sore throat and cough. I hope she does not have strep throat. She is going to her parents house for the hols… while I’m sitting pretty here where I live. 🙂

I found a ridiculously cheap laptop on Kijiji last night, $80! o_o So, my sister e-mailed the person to see about it. Holy sh*t.


Dear God, whyyy?????

Today started off well… I went to the blood lab bc Dr. A wanted me to and you can’t argue with a doctor. They are the professionals after all.

Just when I am getting comfortable with Brian, Donny has to dump poor Coll as a friend for his new gf who lives in BC. I feel so bad about this. I want to help her. I do this bc I love her. 😦

A little letter to Donny. ‘Dear bullfrog. F*CK YOU TOO.’ And another thing. I can’t see Brian anymore bc of Donny. 😦

A disappointed Sam

A bit of treasured classical music.

Yep. I downloaded two pieces, one is Vivaldi’s Spring and the other is Pachelbel’s Canon in D. I love both of them… the violin is the main instrument in both songs. I love the violin, used to play it. I wasn’t good at it but I enjoyed the experience it gave me. You would not guess that I was a classical fan, but a lot of the pieces are nice. 🙂

Today I’m going to take it easy. Colly is sleeping, and I am just drinking water and thinking about taking a small nap. Yeah… and after that, I’m going to clean up my part of the room. 🙂

Sam the sleepy gal.

Well… here I be…

I’m bored. How bored? I’m the chairperson of the Bored. All right, that was a bit cheesy… but the f*ck, y’know? We got a bit of snow today… but it didn’t stay long. I hope that January will be better snow wise. I think it’s peaceful just watching it flutter down to earth.

I was on facebook just a few minutes ago… and nothing new was up. I am not keen on facebook. I prefer to blog and I do. I have this, a DW and a Codexed. I think I have a lot of blogs to post to. The thing is, Codexed is taking their sweet time with my verification e-mail.

Oh the sh*t I put up with from these sites. 😦



Ok. I am not taking crap from them again…

It’s official. LJ is on my blacklist of blogs. I made an account last night but it wouldn’t accept my pass. Today, I try again, only to have the same bloody crap as they pulled last time. That’s quite enough for this girl. I tried hooking up with old friends there but nope. Nothing on that. Soooo.. I have all my lovely subbies here and Linnie on DW. And quite frankly, these two blogs are all I need. F*ck Livejournal.


So how is life in WP land? I’m just drinking fresh water… I was told by everyone to drink a sh*tload of water… it’s good at keeping my diabetes under control and it makes everything body wise all prettyful… skin, hair, nails.. everything. 🙂

I think I will shut down the computer after seeing what Linnie is doing. 🙂


Stupid f*cking LJ. >:(

I give LJ another whirl but when I tried to login, they banned me for a f*cking hour bc they wouldn’t accept my damn password. I am sick of their crap. They are slowly but surely pissing me off. Seriously! If it wasn’t for two good friends on there I would have deleted the f*cking account. Holy cats!!

I’m listening to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls just Wanna have Fun”. I love the 80’s music wise, and other stuff like that — movies, um tv shows. Yepp. The rest of the time, so much f*cking drama.




Sleepy Sammi :)

Yeah, I am ready for an afternoon catnap. I saw Jen at the sz team appt today. She is the best. She understands me. My favorite nurse though is Alison. I miss her. I call her Allyboo. 🙂

I just had those mini McCain’s pizzas for lunch… and tonight we are having roast chicken for supper. Noms.

I was playing DDU for awhile on my vita. 🙂 I have the full asteroids and all of the planets. It is a great game. Very strange but cute at the same time. I intend to buy Dead or Alive. It’s a fighting game. I miss my pokemon so… I am going to either get that 2DS or a cheap 3DS XL. Not the new one with the colored buttons but a red 3DS XL if they have it. I think though that I may have to get the 2ds. The XLs cost an arm and a leg. Even the originals do too.

Enough of my kvetching. Donny wants Coll to buy her own computer and I am not getting a Mac. Both my sister and Donny said no… so… I have to listen to my sister… and Donny too.

So, I am going to take that catnap now.


I am drinking water and waiting for my sister to get home.

I have picked up the habit of drinking water in copious amounts. I see the sz team Wednesday. I need to see Dr. Brennagh bc I haven’t seen him in ages. Although I don’t have much to say… kind of wasting both of our time … I might not. The only thing I need from Dr. B is a sleeping pill bc lately I have been waking up at like 1am or 2am. It’s usually a bathroom break but after that, I can’t get back to sleep that well anymore.

I am loving my Twitter client on the vita. It’s clean, and responds well to my fingers tapping the touch screen y’know? I love my vita but, I am still buying a 2DS. I don’t care what the critics say. I think it’s cute. I am buying the sea green one. And if I get my GST I can buy lots of eShop cards. I want Pokemon Y (and maybe X too) Maybe the R/S remakes too. But my sister says that there are PS store cards at Max Milk! XD

I will do a vlog very soon. Tomorrow is Monday, maybe Bates motel will be on. Oh yeah.. forgot the supper tomorrow.. ah well…



So, today was a rather quiet one. My sister is getting me a peach drink and a bagel with cream cheese. She is the best sister a girl could ask for and I love her lots ❤

I just realized something. I tend to just jumble entries w/o any spaces… so I am going to try and space them out. I want to see that Star Wars movie, but by the time we go to the Gem again, it will not be showing and the Silver City is too far and the taxi ride there does not come cheap. 😦 Barnacles.

Ah well… sh*t happens eh? Yupp. 🙂

I have a Joni Mitchell song in my head but I forget the name of it though.

Now I am listening to 1D. That’s another blasted song I can’t shake. Y’know “Story of my Life”? Yes. *smh*

And now I will see what Linnie is up to. 🙂